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2020 Celebration of the USLAW NETWORK Women’s Connection Announced

The Celebration of the USLAW NETWORK Women’s Connection – July 2020 is a month-long focus on the female attorneys, their female in-house legal decision-maker clients, and corporate partners who are critical to the success of USLAW NETWORK. The Celebration will enable participants to join together in a meaningful way by offering engaging content delivered virtually while still providing distinctive networking and social connections that are such an important part of USLAW and the Women’s Connection. The celebration will be put on by women for women – every program, presenter, facilitator, and entertainer will be female. The celebration, which is complimentary to participate in, will take place on Wednesday, July 1 and conclude Friday, July 31.

The Celebration delivers flexibility! Sign up for some, Sign up for all. Participate in live sessions. View programs on demand. Connect with colleagues, peers and friends, make new connections. There will be something to fit your schedule and interest. Click here to learn more and register.