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Justin D. Jack & Kaitlyn N. Pytlak Author Articles for USLAW Magazine

Justin Jack’s article titled “How to Un-Ring the Survey Citation Bell” was recently published in USLAW Magazine, an in-depth publication produced twice annually and designed to address legal and business issues facing commercial and corporate clients. The article details the independent informal dispute resolution process and how to avoid or greatly reduce a civil money penalty by contesting citations at the state level.

Click here to read Justin’s article.

Kaitlyn Pytlak’s article titled “Tale as Old as Time: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Medical Record Documentation in the Age of Technology” was also published in the most recent edition of USLAW Magazine. Kaitlyn’s article provides a brief overview of the decades-long problem in medical documentation while offering suggestions on how to remedy and facilitate change.

Click here to read Kaitlyn’s article.